Hiring Kelly to stop by our family trip to the beach ended up being a great move.  With her help, we were able to get lots of photos of us TOGETHER and ended up way better than if we had just asked a stranger to take a quick picture of us.  Now everyday we are able to remember the great trip we had since two of her photos are prominently featured in our living room.  Thanks Kelly

Brian & Emily Schneidewind

Kelly captured my daughters baptism perfectly. She was able to get those precious moments that only last a few seconds, like my toddler boys holding hands. 
Kelly not only took great pictures, but she saved the day too. Our baptism did not start on time and she used that down time to get some great family photos with aunts, uncles, cousins etc (the pictures you always mean to take but often forget). -Ellen

Ellen Fairbanks

“Moms in the Moment made it so convenient to enjoy my wedding photos in the format & style I wanted.  Working with Kelly was super easy and I loved the photos I was given!"

Courtnee Bratton

I cannot thank you enough for being here and for capturing the details of the party and all the sweet friends who shared it.  Your presence allowed me to actually be present at the party instead of following Isla around with my camera the entire time as I tried to organize activities.  Thank you. Thank you!!!

Jessica Dawahare